At CameoWorks, we like to approach things with a focus on practical experience.  As a team of leaders with a wealth of global experience in retail, financial services and FinTech, our advice is based on our real-life experience, not theory.


We’re talking about the kind of experience that spans both sides of the boardroom and both sides of the Atlantic. From 300-year-old global corporates to start-up disruptor brands. 

CameoWorks partners with early stage companies who are going through  game-changing growth all the way to industry leaders who are driven to remain ahead; providing a unique offering that doesn’t fit any of the traditional boxes.  We help you sort through your tough issues and help you find relevant resources to solve them.

Seasoned Counsel – because sometimes you just want to talk to someone who has been there and dealt with such similar issues.  A sounding board who will give you completely independent advice and direction, based on experience.

And Relevant Connections – CameoWorks will work with you to understand how those we know in our global network who might be interested in partnering or learning more about you and your company.

This could be access to up-to-the-minute insight from our interactions throughout the broader innovation community informed by our partner consultancies. It could mean putting you in touch with a cutting edge digital innovator, a potential client, new hire or specialist thought leader.

Working on a retainer basis, we’ll be on hand to provide your CEO with bespoke support tailored to your situation, and with a bias for action.

So, whether you’re thinking about going global or going public; dealing with the board or dealing with management issues; deciding whether to raise capital or whether to sell – CameoWorks can provide the insight and counsel that helps you make that tough call.