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CameoWorks is a senior advisor to:

Bain & Company: one of the world's leading business consulting firms. As a senior advisor to the global financial services business, Deanna brings a pragmatic perspective to the latest research in bank transformation and the global digitalization of the sector; working with CEOs and Boards to help them take their businesses to the next generation of financial services.

West Monroe Partners: We partner with the West Coast office of this National business and technology consulting firm specializing in advanced analytics and operations excellence tailored to the customer experience. CameoWorks brings a practical and board-level perspective to West Coast businesses, focused on developing customer service strategies.


CameoWorks supports the following clients:

ATAVUS: champions Rugby in the USA and beyond and includes the USA Rugby Academy and ATAVUS Academy.  CameoWorks has provided advice on developing a strategic framework and go-to market approach.

BECU: Washington's largest credit union and one of the top five financial cooperatives in the country.  CameoWorks has worked with the BECU Exec team on a number of areas, advising on strategic pricing and finance and providing counsel on transformation and innovation.

Bento: offers a commercial card alternative that provides real-time control over employee spending to control business expenses. CameoWorks has advised on their business plan, product and sales strategies.

Remitly: a technology company that's building the most simple and secure way to send money globally. CameoWorks has assisted since Remitly's inception including management development, building a go-to market strategy and acting as a sounding board, providing independent insight and counsel.


Deanna serves on the boards of the following companies:

Hargreaves Lansdown: UK's largest direct to investor investment service, empowering over 1 million people to save and invest with confidence through a personalized client experience.  Deanna serves as the Chair of the board. FTSE 100 listed.



Tesco, PLC: one of the world's largest global food and general merchandise retailers.  Deanna is Senior Lead Director. As a current member of the board, she has been integral in steering Tesco through the turnaround process.


The Joshua Green Corporation: a fourth generation family business with holdings in food, real estate, and banking.  As a non-executive director, Deanna provides independent advice and counsel to this conglomerate of privately-held businesses.

Whitbread: the UK's largest hotel, restaurant and coffee shop operator with 45,000 employees who are passionate about making everyday experiences special for their millions of customers both in the UK and overseas. Deanna chairs the Remuneration committee.